Associate Member Application

Criteria & Requirements:

  1. To be a women, above 25 years.

  2. Founder or Contributor of a registered company under the companies Controller of the Ministry of National Economy.

  3. Own or run a regular company which manage its employees and run its activities based on a specific hierarchy.

  4. Registration fees: 50 USD (will be paid one time).

  5. Annual Membership fees: 150 USD.

  6. Requirements:

  • Completing the application form.

  • Copy of the ID, and passport.

  • CV and Bio.

  • Proof on point 2.

  • Certification letter from employer.

  • Personal and recent photo.

General Conditions:

  1. Everyone of full legal capacity or legal person is entitled to membership if the eligible conditions are met in accordance with the law and the statute.

  2. Board membership is personal and non-convertible or proxy representation of movement and inheritance.

  3. The board of directors empowers to decide on the admission request to the association or non-acceptance.

  4. Associate member can become a full member after a specific period that will be determined later.

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