The Business Women Forum-Palestine conducts a workshop titled “The Reality of the Business Environment in Palestine for Women Entrepreneurs”

The Business Women Forum-Palestine conducted a workshop in Nablus on February 27 2010 at Al-Yasmeen Hotel titled; “The Reality of the Business Environment in Palestine for Women Entrepreneurs”. The workshop was lead by Doa Wadi Executive Director of BWF and Ms. Fatima Botmeh trainer and a specialist in Advocacy. The event aimed to introduce ‘advocacy’ and how it contributes to policy change. There were a total of 25 participants which included 18 business women and 7 recent university graduates.

BWF Executive Director Ms. Doa Wadi initiated the workshop with a presentation which covered the main points from the results of the CIPE funded research study that was conducted in 2009 titled “Women Entrepreneurs Priorities and Perception of the Business Environment in Palestine”.

Ms. Wadi highlighted that women must cooperate to change the stereotypical image that society has on a business women’s roles and to provide awareness of business women’s contribution to the economy, as well as the significance and the need for the existence of national policies to support business women. The presentation pin pointed the importance of representation of business women in the economy nationally and locally through advocacy, and the significance of the differences between formal and non formal businesses.

Following Doa’s presentation, Ms. Botmeh carried out the remainder of the workshop by using the results and recommendations that the researcher came up with and incorporating them in her discussion on how BWF is implementing advocacy relevant to those results. As well as how advocacy needs many voices represented in one body then highlighted the importance of joining a ‘body’ such as BWF in order to be heard.

Ms. Botmeh focused on steps needed to be covered to move towards advocating such as: The issues, goals & objectives, a target audience, message development, channels of communication, building support, fundraising, implementation, and data collection.

The participants where highly motivated by the concept, and interactive during the presentation, they shared challenges and concerns facing them in their businesses, as well as success stories in the businesses they own or manage. The workshop began at 9:30 am and lasted until 1:30 pm.

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