BWF holds a roundtable meeting on Advocacy under the Patronage of H.E. Dr. Hasan Abu-Libdeh

The Business Women Forum held a roundtable meeting on January 20 at Ankar Suites, under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Hasan Abu-Libdeh, Minister of the National Economy and representatives from the public and private sectors titled: “Businesswomen Membership Representation at Joint Councils between the Private and Public Sectors”. At the meeting BWF presented the policy paper it adopted.

Dr. Abu-Libdeh stressed on the importance of the part BWF is playing in strengthening the role of business women in Palestine and in representing them as an economic power. He also mentioned that the participation of Palestinian woman in the labor market and other fields is not out of luxury. It adds very strategically to the investment in this tremendous reserve of unutilized resources in addition to the change of the classic perception the society has of women.

On the other hand; Ms. Amal Daraghmeh Masri, Chairwoman of BWF, stressed on the partnership, in its practical and comprehensive meanings, between the public and private sectors, and between woman and man as it is the right way for progress and development. This will be achieved by investing in all resources and capabilities especially increasing the ratio of the Palestinian businesswoman in PNA institutions to allow her equal contribution to the economic development.

In turn; Mrs. Doa Wadi, Executive Director of BWF, gave an introduction on BWF, its programs, and its Advocacy programs and advocacy unit as a core unit of BWF. BWF works through this unit on networking and coordination with other institutions, conducting studies and research, strengthening the capabilities of business women, and carrying out its Advocacy plans through different programs and activities and through the recommendation of policies that increase businesswoman participation on all levels of the economic structure.

Advocate Mr. Tariq Toukan, Consultant to the Advocacy Unit, presented a paper that shed the light on the importance of increasing the Representation of Businesswomen at Joint Councils between the Private and Public Sector and to support the joint committees with the qualifications and expertise of businesswomen entrepreneurs. Such support will upgrade the efficiency of such committees and will positively contribute to the drawing of comprehensive socio-economic policies in Palestine. Mr. Toukan showed also facts on the businesswomen representation in the joint councils and the importance of such boards. Mr. Toukan mentioned that businesswomen representation in the management boards of such committees was very low as it did not exceed two businesswomen out of the other 54 members.

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