CLUSTER in Palestine connects trainers and private sector for better training targeting young people and women

On 26 February 2023, Business Women Forum Palestine(BWF), partner of CLUSTER, organized the Information and Networking Events in Palestine  as a part of the Regional series events of CLUSTER, gathering Palestinian MSMEs of private sector representatives and training institutions (TVET), as well as partners of other ENI CBC Med projects implemented in Palestine: SIRCLES,  MoreThanAjob , MedRiSSE and  CARISMED

These events was held at the Caesar Hotel in Ramallah and aimed to disseminate the findings of the Private Sector and TVET-oriented Catalogues on the one hand, and create a network of actors working towards social inclusion in the Mediterranean on the other hand. In this regards, the newly produced  Private Sector Brochure  and TVET Brochure were distributed to the participants, to optimize knowledge about the new NEETs (people Not in Employment, Education or Training) training program and interchange scheme developed within the project.

This event was also a chance to build synergies with SIRCLESMoreThanAjob , MedRiSSE and  CARISMED projects, which share similar priorities to those of CLUSTER. Thus, BWF benefited from their experience of effectively engaging NEETs and sustainable economy actors in Palestine, to reinforcing CLUSTER's NEETs upskilling commitment.


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