BWF conducts a workshop in Nablus titled “Key Factors to Strengthen Entrepreneurial Skills

The Business Women Forum conducted a workshop on January 27th in Nablus at Al-Qasr Hotel with professional trainer on communication and behavioral skills Mr. Taleb Idkeidik. The workshop consisted of 25 women of which are business women and women entrepreneurs in Nablus. Among the topics that Mr. Idkeidik covered were a human’s real abilities, the cycle of thoughts, and nonverbal communication.

Mr. Idkeidik used real life examples that were relevant to the participants’ lives, both on a personal level and on a business level. The workshop was an energetic one and the ladies were responsive to the training and the activities that took place.

The event served as an opportunity for BWF to become more acquainted with the Nablus region which also provided networking between BWF and Nablus business women and for the ladies among themselves.

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