Business Women Forum Closes its Annual Conference;

“Women in Decision Making Positions” between Theory and Practice

The Business Women Forum closes its annual conference entitled as “Women in Decision Making Positions between Theory and Practice” within the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship week, under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Rami Alhamdallah, and with the presence of H.E. Mrs. Rabiha Diab, Mrs. Ola Awwad, the head of the Central Bureau of Statistics, and Mrs. Amal AlMasri the Business Women Forum Chairwoman.

H.E. Dr. Rami AlHamdallah said; “that the government is working to amend the development of legislation, policies, and government programs that ensure gender-sensitive strategies  and women's participation, and continue to implement programs of social awareness, and stressed on the importance of partnership with civil society on women's issues, particularly on the economic side, and follow-up the seriousness of the extent of compliance with these issues by all ministries and government institutions. "

Dr. Rami AlHamdallah thanked  the Business Women's Forum for its efforts to promote the role of women, and their participation in building the national economy, and encouraging them to work to raise the capacity and efficiency  of women to reach to the decision-making positions.

From her side the BWF Chairwoman, Mrs. Amal AlMasri Al Moghrabi assured that the Business Women Forum conducted this conference to factually come up with recommendations that moves this topic from theory to practice, to strengthen the women presence in the decision making positions, and leave the stereotypes of women are only  in the informal economic sectors and to take the lead in the industry, commerce, and agricultural sectors which are still considered as masculine sectors.

H.E. Mrs. Rabiha Diab the Minister of Women's Affairs said: "We are delighted to have our prime minister with us today, and this is an evidence of the commitment of the government in the women's issues." H.E. Mrs. Diab indicated that "the situation of Palestinian women is much better than others in the Arab countries," afterthought she said, "but this is not the ambition of Palestinian women, we are working to reach a society of justice and equality between women and men, and we will not achieve  sustainable development without women's entry into the world of economy , and this requires concerted efforts and real change to reach the desired goal, especially after we have been recognized  in the United Nations as a non-member state. "

During the two discussion sessions at the conference which included a number of women and international institutions represented by the International Labor Organization, and UN Women which discussed  the media role in the discussion of the challenges and obstacles that stand without women's access to decision-making positions and discuss the mechanisms to overcome these obstacles and come up with recommendations and mechanisms of action enables the BWF and partner institutions to qualify  women to reach decision-making positions , which promotes the civilized face of the State of Palestine and to seize the opportunities and changes that followed the international recognition of Palestine as an observer in the United Nations , and what are the issues imposed by this recognition of  obligations in accordance with international standards on the state of Palestine to achieve equality and address discrimination against women

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