BWF- Palestine takes part in the activities of 2013 Ramallah Shopping Festival

BWF - Palestine took part in the 2013 Ramallah Shopping Festival that was held with the initiative of the Ramallah/Al-Bireh Governorate Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ramallah Municipality in cooperation with different city official and civil institutions.  A number of businesswomen and female entrepreneur members of BWF participated in the event representing several commercial and production, and service sectors from all the cities of the West Bank.  The Festival took place in the downtown of Ramallah, Bent Jbeil Street.


This participation comes within the BWF’s strategy of the next three years that aims at enhancing women's participation in the economy, which is an essential element of the economic development in Palestine.  To achieve this, work must be carried on empowering women to increase their contribution to economic activities through increase their competitive competencies and abilities in domestic and overseas markets.  For that, the BWF’s Business Development Center provides a package of services necessary to enable women of transforming the ideas of small and medium projects into reality and then networking with local and regional markets.

Their participation resulted in a series of business deals with local and international traders in addition to promoting their projects to visitors and identifying real opportunities. The sales were good for all the products participating in the festival, which gave the participants a sense of satisfaction.

The Shopping Festival also aims at providing shopping opportunities for citizens for discounted prices in light of the difficult economic conditions and at reviving the commercial and economic activity in the City of Ramallah while putting an emphasis on the message of the Festival, which stresses that the Palestinian market should be the destination of all Palestinians.

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